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Ted's History

A family tradition for over 70 years!


Ted’s Fish Fry is a family owned and operated business that has been a Capital Region tradition for over 60 years! Started by Ted Deeb, and now run by his son SK Deeb, Ted’s is an American Dream success story.


Back in the 1930’s, Ted Deeb, the son of Lebanese immigrants was a young boy, living in Troy, NY. At just 10 years old, Ted was diagnosed with a serious heart ailment, and was therefore taken out of school. In an interview back in 1978, Ted stated, “I knew that I didn’t have enough formal education to get me too far, so I decided I would have to start a business of my own. What I lacked in formal education I had to make up for in practical knowledge”.  Recalling his first business experience, Ted stated, “I was 12 years old and my father ran a dry goods store. I needed some money so I asked him if I could sell some notions door to door. I took a little black suitcase filled with knickknacks and was on my way”.


Ted continued selling different products from door to door until he was 20 years old. At this time, he took a $300 loan from his sister, and bought an open-air fruit market. Ted described this business venture as his “biggest gamble”. That gamble turned out to be a success. After running the fruit stand for a couple of years, Ted purchased a building and converted it into a snack bar called “Pots and Lots”. From there, Ted moved to 447 3rd Ave, in Watervliet and opened the first Ted’s Fish Fry. Ted stated, “It just came to me. I wanted to make money. The idea for a fish fry stand came along and I capitalized on it. That’s how I got my start”.


Fast forward to today, and that Watervliet Ted’s Fish Fry is still running, along with 5 other locations in Halfmoon, Sycaway, Latham, Colonie, & Albany. Ted passed away on July 21, 1985, and is survived by his wife Ellen Deeb, son, SK Deeb, daughter, Donna Deeb and four grandchildren. Family and tradition are two things that go hand and hand at Ted’s Fish Fry. SK is now the president of the company, and runs all 5 Ted’s Fish Frys with the help of his son, Bill Deeb, cousin, Joe Deeb, and his wonderful managers & employees.


We continue the traditions that Ted started back in the 1940’s, which include the way that we call in each order to the cooks, and the delicious recipes that Ted mastered. Back in 1968, Ted was driving south, down to Florida and stopped to eat at a small snack bar for fried chicken. Ted was so impressed with the flavor of the chicken that he asked to speak with the cook. Ted stated, “I took the recipe home with me and after considerable experimentation; I used the chicken fry batter for my onion rings. It proved to be ‘scrumptious’ and now they are just as popular as my fish frys”. Our homemade meat sauce came from an old greek recipe, and helped put us on the market for hotdogs as well as fish frys. Today, we recently started selling mini hotdogs, loaded with the same home made meat sauce, derived from that Greek recipe.


Ted’s Fish Fry has grown so much in the past 60 years, and we continue to grow as a business and family. Our menu at Ted’s Fish Fry is also growing. We have incorporated new items such as mini hotdogs, bacon burgers, fresh salads, homemade soups, fish tacos, and much more! Whether you’re looking to pick up a quick lunch, or you want to spend the evening in our dining room with your family, Ted’s Fish Fry is sure to satisfy your needs! Remember, we are not Fast Food, we are Fresh Food, FAST!


The Deeb Family: 1975 Donna Deeb, Ted Deeb, SK Deeb, Ellen Deeb

The Deeb Family: 1975

Donna Deeb, Ted Deeb, SK Deeb, Ellen Deeb

Ted's Fish Fry Family

The Deeb Family: 2014

Shaun Deeb, Ted Deeb, Ashley Deeb, Evan Deeb, Autumn Deeb, Donna Deeb, Ellen Deeb, SK Deeb, Deanna Deeb, Bill Deeb, Buddy Deeb

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